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I am a selftrained/learned developer and took my babysteps into this world a long time ago. It all started with me buying a book about HTML when i signed up for a developer course way back. Sadly the course didn´t happen but it did not stop me....i was already hooked!

The wall of books quickly grew and to make a long story short, here i am today...still loving this world, still love to build applications and to solve the roadbumps that you stumble upon in every project!

Maybe it´s because i´m selftought and didn´t gained knowledge through the academic path but i am a fan of the KISS principle (Keep it simple, stupid). I do not believe in overcomplex systems. That being said, a system should of course be welldesigned...but simple enough to be able to explain it easily!


Fullstack Developer

Vklass AB

Productdevelopment of the schoollearning platform Vklass. The platform is webbased with five different applications (Admin, Personal, Custodian, Internship, API). In the backend the system is highly integrated with several external services.

Some of the techniques used:
March 2013 - Present

Fullstack Developer


A sportsite built for fans by fans. The site was founded in 2000 with the concept of offering users a new type of content. All the articles is written by real clubsupporters with great insite and commitment for the club they are writing for.

Some of the techniques used:
March 2011 - March 2013

Fullstack Developer/IT infrastructure manager

StagePool AB

StagePool is a jobportal that offers artists, extras and backstage crew the chance to apply to thousands of auditions and castings in Europe. Producers can advertise for free. At StagePool you can find jobs in the entertainmentbusiness, TV, media, movies and much more.

Some of the techniques used:
May 2008 - February 2011

Fullstack Developer

Ubetoo AB

This was a groundbreaking music platform that offered unsigned artists to distribute their music to the public and also get paid for it. Unfortunately the platform didnt´stand a chance against the big bad wolf.....Spotify!

Some of the techniques used:
May 2008 - February 2011


Bonver AB

I worked as internal techsupport on this company for a year. During that year i developed customized reports in the companys it-system Microsoft Axapta (nowdays Dynamics) for their customers SF, Universal and Paramount.

Some of the techniques used:
January 2007 - April 2008

Fullstack Developer/Founder


This was my own consultant company. I development CMS systems, websites and smaller business projects towards clients. The domain is still mine and exists but nowdays it acts more like my playground.

Some of the techniques used:
Janyary 2005 - December 2012

Fullstack Developer

Despite it´s name (was not my domain) this was my first developer project. It was a developer community where i shared my scripts for free. All the code was written in classic ASP (active server pages).

Some of the techniques used:
September 2000 - January 2005


Programming Languages & Tools
Techniques im interested in or are focusing on right now


This is a list of stuff that i have built/managed on my free time. I think a good way to expand your skills is to have some projects aside the daily work. Obviously i do not let these sideprojects interfear with the work i am contracted to do for my employer.

Mastering Freaks

Masters of audio AB

A platform that provides a service for customers to send in their audiofiles to certified Dolby Atmos studios and recieve a full Atmos version to release.

Some of the techniques used:
January 2023


Since i am streaming a lot of shows on multiple streaming services i needed a way to administrate them. So this is a project that i am playing around with when i have time.

Some of the techniques used:
December 2019


Universal Music Sweden

This is a internal importtool application that is being used to catalog digitalized music from their archive. You might look at it as a digital library wich is only available inside the Universal Music Sweden network due to copyright sensitive content.

Some of the techniques used:
August 2019



This is a internal administration system to handle the workflow for custom built motor vehicle inspections. I am managing the code for this system.

Some of the techniques used:
September 2018



This was a online dating site that i built and managed together with a partner. The site no longer exists.

Some of the techniques used:
January 2010